What do I do?

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Got a problem in your life?

This can be you!

A relationship issue?
An issue with your partner or in your marriage?
A problem with a parent or child?
A Phobia or an Addiction issue?
Problems with work performance, co -workers ..or your boss?
Maybe you feel alone and just generally sad?

Chances are it can be improved – if you know what to do!
That’s what I specialise in – private and personal counselling to help turn around your life, quickly.

I service all of the Central Sydney area. …….
Make your life better easily and quickly with a session with me.

I can come to you- or you can come to me  and I also do consulting by phone & Skype.

Now… there’s no reason you cannot make a start and take control of your life!

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Subject: How To Ignite Your Imagination And Get What You Want Faster…

Your subconscious mind is like a computer in that it runs programs. Right now, as you are reading this, you are running programs to control your breathing, your heartbeat and your thoughts.

Your programs are neither good nor bad. Some of them benefit you while others limit you. Your programs control your life in the background. You can think of programs like beliefs or mindsets. Manifesting is difficult until you re-program your mind. Why did I use the word re-program?

Well, you and I were programmed as we were growing up. We run wealth programs, health programs, sex programs, relationship programs and self image programs – just to name a few. Our programs define how we think about the world and ultimately, how we experience life. [click to continue…]


Change the Focus- Change your LIFE!

April 30, 2010

It is an amazing fact that we all have the ability to change at a moments notice- Simply think what you want to be and achieve, believe it will happen …and keep ‘visualising’  in rich detail..

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Swift Mentor Help

April 29, 2010

Have you read all the ‘Self help’ books and tried to change on your own with little success? How long will you wait to get focused and create the life of your dreams? Tell me if  any of these areas in your life need assistance?

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