“Maggie helped us steer our stormy relationship to a much more joyful place.
We worked through issues of control, trust, grief and more,
to become more of our ‘true selves’ and learnt how to share that with each other.

Thanks for saving our relationship: we wouldn’t be together if it wasn’t for you!”

Mark & Christa* (*names changed by request)


“After 6 months of coaching with Maggie, my work performance completely turned around-
as well as my relationship with my ex and my child.
My Boss promoted me and I now feel that I can really manage my time
and my ‘mindset’ to achieve more success..
I still get follow up coaching from Maggie , as my bad habits took a lifetime to put in place,
so she helps me to stay on track.
Maggie really listens, without judgement- and I thoroughly recommend her !”
Scott R, 2010


“I knew it was completely irrational, but I was scared sick of spiders.
(Even seeing a picture of one freaked me out)
Maggie helped me to dig deep to find the real issues and ‘associations’ that were the basis for this fear…
Once I did the emotional ‘work’ , it completely disapppeared..I was amazed.
I am thinking of getting a pet tarantula just to shock my friends!!”

Julia W, 2010

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