Change the Focus- Change your LIFE!

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It is an amazing fact that we all have the ability to change at a moments notice- Simply think what you want to be and achieve, believe it will happen …and keep ‘visualising’¬† in rich detail..

I start every morning with a relaxing manifestation exercise.
I close my eyes, listen to some soothing meditation track and release all the tension in my body first, as your unconscious mind responds & absorbs suggestions much better when your body is relaxed!

Then, I think of my ‘goal’ (whatever it may be- seeing my computer screen showing me how much money I have in my bank account now, getting a standing ovation-or flying on a plane to Paris!)

I see it, hear it, feel it …even smell & taste if possible!

Next, I think of the date that I want this to happen- be very specific here-and I lock it away with a big smile, as the Universe gets to work to make it come true!

I have had many things happen just as I needed or wished in precisely this way- and you can too…

Remember, as Louise Hay says ” What we are dealing with here is a THOUGHT- and a thought can be changed!”
YOU have the power to control your thoughts!!

For more details of just  HOW to do this and WHY it works..Look for my Webinar out on DVD shortly!

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